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Forex Diary week ending 12th June 2020

solid week & market nice trending ........

YEN & CHF were the Main Alha Bulls  with Yen getting to +350 on early Friday then fading hard 

CAD was main sell all week to minus 250 early Friday 

CADYEN Sells were the best trades of the week ...timed well would have seen a few hundred pips on best moves  

you cant help thinking that friday saw profit taking on those Cad, CHF and Yen plays ? 

look at the 7ma setting for trading Yen on middle indicator (yellow) ....some great setups each time Yen came below the zero then bounced north ......(Arrows)......just hit it in a decent pair combo  ....CAD , GBP , NZD AUD all Selling 

trading 1 hours on the weekly are generally more predictable than the twitchy London or US sessions in lower timeframes ........and this indicator allows you to see the action so easily 

available for a small donation below 

cheers Gang



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