Forex Diary week ending 13th Mar 2020

what a week in the markets .... Main Bull Plays :- Yen , USD (both +350 pips at times) Main Bear Plays :- CAD (-350 pips) , GBP (-500 pips) A punt on Cable sells from its high around monday lunchtime (GMT) would have yielded some 800 pips so far on a steady fall ........nice work if you can get it ...and next week will be just as action packed buckle up N

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Watch this space ......

hey gang, Im currently tied up on various projects so will probably not be posting here for a while now .... everyone knows where to reach me if they need help or advice on my indicators and strengthm


hey gang i know that 8 currencies swinging around any of my indicators looks like a deranged jackson pollock Picture ! its mayhem ! ....lines everywhere ! so remove some ....focus on the currencies yo