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Forex Diary Week ending 15th April 2022

Forex Diary Week ending 15th April 2022


Red GBP - then Green USD, Grey CHF and others


Yellow JPY - possibly Blue EURO but not signiificant

some nice moves this week selling JPY - good solid Range moves as well....

the other image attached is my NEW FX PowerScanner available for a small donation to charity.....its an amazing indicator built with my programming partner John Skinner that we use to monitor and trade forex relative strength

for the week on the daily Default settings we saw

GBPJPY (Bull) goes to #3 in the charts (from #6 last week)

NZDUSD (Bear) comes into the top 7 at #6

we lost NZDJPY from last weeks top 7

heres the charity links to these amazing indicators (why pay £000's for Forex training and fake indicators ?)

my NEW 100 page Charity Forex eBOOK is now available here for just a £15 donation to charity (more if you can manage it please ) - I reveal one of my best trading systems and my 22 year strategy / approach to trading forex relative strengthmeters

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