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Forex Diary Week ending 1st July 2022

Forex Diary Week ending 1st July 2022


Brown CAD, Grey CHF , Yellow JPY , Green USD all at times ......


Yellow JPY (both sides) , Red GBP

on the 1 HR TF FX Powerscanner (left indicators) we have a Bear GBP dominating top 7 pairs ....

on the Fix start indcator (right chart) we saw the currencies mentioned above all hitting alpha bull and bear status at various times .....

a great weeks trading .....if you follow the right currency pairs !

My FX Powerscanner (FXPS) and Fix start indicator shown in the picture help me read the forex markets clearly every day .....all timeframes

if you want to use them and get involved - you will need to donate and buy both my ebooks here first then i will invite you to the Discord channel

have a good week


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