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Forex Diary Week Ending 22nd May 2020

Interesting week on the 1 hourly charts

Full selling on USD , Yen and CHF until Wednesday then the brakes came on and they all consolidated .....the 3 horseman displaying carry trade selling into a bullish Equities market no doubt ?.....anyway Yen got down to -230 pips at times ....not too shabby when played off of the bull currencies .....

all the other G5 members were buyable up to wednesday really .......with NZD being the Solid buy right up to closing doors friday night ..... 130 pips gain at its peak

GBP stayed in the pack and CAD was the big play on tuesday .....hitting 130s ....

not an uncommon pattern for a weeks trading ....all currencies go hell for leather until Wednesday and then the music stops......I see it all the time using these charts and they are profitable patterns .....

have a great week everyone



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