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thanks for the message 

firstly i wouldn't advocate full time trading at this point in your life - get multiple streams of income flowing ...

sorry im full re mentoring at moment ...and tend to take more experienced people with a few years trading under their belt - and i then make them much better 

heres a link to my training page website

take a look through and see what the free stuff offers terms of seriously good mentors / courses ...I believe that Lance Beggs work is top class and his courses are very reasonable and offer amazing content ......its not a fast learn but i suspect you want to be doing this as a career and not for short term (i dont use Lances techniques but they do work)...

as you learn and read more you will find stuff that works for you .....please dont get fooled into some course costing thousands of dollars , I can freely say here to you that i know most of them and they are all just selling rehashed / recycled work to new traders who dont know the difference ....

 I cannot be more publically direct about these vendors as they would try to sue me ....but i think you get me 

the best of the best are low key and out of the limelight ......

anyway take care and happy to help in future  - ASK ME directly about anyone you are considering and i will tell it straight - i save a lot of people money ...most of them i know what they are doing anyway (all pretty basic mainly) and can tell you for free ...... 

for example back in the early 2000s I released a free indicator that was being sold for over $1000 and a simple PDF guide .....because I was so upset by the idiot selling it and making hundreds of thousands of dollars......still lots of scammers out there but its slowly getting better    

Neil (NVP) 

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